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Our management company was founded on the principles of passionate and consistent work, integrity, responsibility and transparency. At Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) inc. we know that by working closely with our clients to identify their individual needs and goals, we can bring better value to their properties..



Gestion immobilière Gatineau - Gestion de copropriétés

We provide real estate management services to residential and commercial property owners, and condominium corporations in Gatineau. Our services are available to individual real estate investors, condominium corporations and large companies.

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Gestion immobilière Gatineau - Gestion de copropriétés

Complete management of residential buildings : paying bills, handling complaints, maintaining the building, preparing and submitting to the owners a monthly accounting report, handling tenant complaints and requests and much more.

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Gestion immobilière Gatineau - Gestion de copropriétés

In collaboration with your Board of Directors, we prepare all tender and contract documents, negotiate the terms of the contracts and review them before submitting them to your Board of Directors for approval.

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French Version Only – The importance of developing a preventive maintenance program.

The maintenance of a building requires more and more expertise. The equipment in a building is more and more complex and requires the manager to have a thorough knowledge of the operation of this equipment.


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