Pierre Girard – Manager

The trust of our clients is earned and I am proud to serve you as part of Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) Inc., the company founded by my father, Damien Girard, 43 years ago — Pierre Girard

Pierre started his career in 1999 in the Communications Branch at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada where he worked up until 2004.

From then on, he joined Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) Inc., and for the past 15 years he has dedicated himself to real estate management for both condominiums and rental apartment buildings.

For Pierre, managing buildings is not only ensuring the sustainability of the real estate assets entrusted to him under management, but it is also managing in a way that influences the valuation of your real estate.

Real estate management expertise in Gatineau

  • Accredited by the Corporation des gérants de copropriétés (CORGEC) as a condominium manager, his expertise allows him to guide the managers in all facets of the management of their condominiums.
  • Pierre’s in-depth knowledge of real estate is extensive, which is a major asset when a client consults him. Among other things, he played a key role in the recovery of several real estate projects that were in financial difficulty.
  • Pierre is able to implement strategies both to solve problems and to have major renovations or urgent work carried out.
  • He was appointed Vice-President of the company in 2019 and manages a portfolio of nearly $150 million in real estate / property values.
  • His interpersonal skills and his ability to speak in French, English and Spanish facilitate his relations with clients.

Gatineau Real Estate Management

Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) Inc.’s core business is to provide real estate management services to residential and commercial property owners, and condominium corporations in Gatineau. Our services are available to individual real estate investors, condominium corporations and large companies.

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