Condominium insurance

We take all necessary steps to obtain insurance quotes containing mandatory coverage in accordance with your Declaration of Co-ownership, and we submit the proposals obtained to your Board of Directors for approval.

We also take steps to obtain insurance quotes for civil liability for the Board of Directors’ members.

Insurance claim management

We manage your insurance claims relating to the common areas of your condominium, and we coordinate the distribution of fees in case of claims relating to both the common areas and private portions.

Manager’s insurance

  • We maintain liability insurance for errors and omission at a minimum of $1,000,000. The manager is also covered by your Condominium Corporation’s insurance.

Gatineau Real Estate Management

Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) Inc.’s core business is to provide real estate management services to residential and commercial property owners, and condominium corporations in Gatineau. Our services are available to individual real estate investors, condominium corporations and large companies.

Our partners

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