• Creation and update of the condominium and mortgage creditors’ records.
  • Maintenance and updates of a file for each dwelling.

Accounting records

  • The Condominium Corporation’s accounting records are kept up to date in our electronic system.
  • The Corporation’s vouchers (e.g., invoices) are submitted to Board of Directors members when two of its members sign the cheques.

Annual audit of accounts

We ensure that an accounting audit is conducted by a chartered accountant at the end of each fiscal year, and we are committed to providing all necessary documents to conduct the accounting audit without delay.

Bank account

The bank account and investments are managed as stipulated by your Declaration of Co-ownership. The choice of the financial institution is at the manager’s choice with the agreement of the Board of Directors. With your Board’s approval, we deposit the condo fees and any other revenue into a designated account in a financial institution or credit union.

These revenues must be used to manage the building. We ensure that surpluses are invested in secure term deposits to increase returns.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, whose members remain signatories to the Condominium Corporation bank accounts, we have the option of investing in term deposits, cancelling them and/or transferring between the checking and saving accounts for the condominium.

Gatineau Real Estate Management

Groupe Conseil Pierda (Canada) Inc.’s core business is to provide real estate management services to residential and commercial property owners, and condominium corporations in Gatineau. Our services are available to individual real estate investors, condominium corporations and large companies.

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